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Can nuns date?

Nuns promise themselves to Christ exlusively, and are considered, in a sense, "married" to Jesus Christ. That is why they wear a gold wedding band.   Married Catholic ladie (MORE)

Are the blue nuns Catholic?

Roman Catholic AnswerIf you are referring to the Order of the Immaculate Conception, a contemplative order of Nuns of the Catholic Church, then, yes, they are most definitely (MORE)

What does a nun do?

A nun is a religious woman under solemn vows living a cloistered, contemplative life in a monastery. Their primary vocation is the service of God in the Divine Office, which c (MORE)
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What is Nun Cyclosis?

Nun Cyclosis is the analysis of human behavioral, circadian, psychological and spiritual cycles and their relationship with nature cycles. It is believed that this practice wa (MORE)

What is a nun?

A woman who has dedicated her life in service to Christ by serving Him in service to the people of God. Who nurses the ill and educates the poor. Nuns also give up houses in t (MORE)
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What is feminine of nun?

A nun is a female Religious. There is no feminine version of it, only a male equivalent - monks.
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Why is a nun called a nun?

In popular usage (Nun) is believed to be a contraction, like Tractor is from the older Traction engine, of (renunciant) as they have renonced the secular world, reside in cloi (MORE)

What can nuns not do?

  a nun (include sister/brother) is a layperson... who has professed his or her dedication to a life of service to Christ.   They have taken vows of obedience and chast (MORE)

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