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What is a Blue Ribbon school?

Answer   According to the US Department of Education, "The No Child Left Behind—Blue Ribbon Schools Program  honors public and private K-12 schools that are either ac (MORE)

What is a blue ribbon task force?

A group of people who continually watch what various government agencies are doing.     I think the above is confused with what is generally known as a "citizen's watc (MORE)

Can Medals and ribbons be worn on marine corp dress blues?

Yes, but the only ribbons you can wear are the ribbons that does not have a corresponding Medal i.e Combat Action Ribbon, Seaservice Deployment Ribbon. You can wear up to 7 me (MORE)

In Landstalker what good is the blue ribbon?

  In the full and complete version of Landstalker, after the Dragon is defeated, Nigel and friend go back through the island to get everyone off before the volcanoe explod (MORE)

Are ribbons required on air force blues?

As per the new AFI 36-2903 Ribbons. All ribbons and devices will be worn on the men's service dress uniform. However, if the service coat is not worn then (MORE)

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