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Which Pyramid Lake is Blue Rodeo referring to in their song Cynthia?

  I always assumed it was Pyramid Lake just outside of Jasper, Alberta, Canada.   It's beautiful mountain country... there's a lot of great woods and trails around the (MORE)

How do you get the starter out of a 1997 Rodeo?

Replacing a 1997 Rodeo starter"The starter on our 1997 rodeo was replaced a few months ago and our mechanic (also a family friend) had to lift the entire engine to replace the (MORE)

Programming remote for Isuzu Rodeo?

1. Move the driver's seat forward, and locate the security system control unit mounted on the underneath the seat. 2. Turn on ignition switch on. 3. Press and hold the green p (MORE)

Who is the singer of blue rodeo?

Jim Cuddy is one and I cannot for the life of me remember the other at this moment.
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How do you adjust clutch on 92 rodeo?

There is not any adjustment on this clutch. Al you have to do is bleed the system.
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What is the song rodeo by juvenile about?

rodeo by juvenile is a song about women who strip for a living and the plight they experience living that lifestyle
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What does a Rodeo Queen do?

A Rodeo Queen has many jobs; role model, public speaker for rodeo, to carry on the western heritage, and to help out at the rodeo. The rodeo queen is not just a cowgirl with a (MORE)

What is the biggest rodeo in the world?

There actually is no comparison to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at Reliant Stadium. It is the largest rodeo event in the world - period.   Answer There seems to b (MORE)

What rhymes with rodeo?

The most obvious are audio radio video Romeo which do not offer much variation. One that is often used in Western poems and songs is do-si-do (dosado, a square dance step). An (MORE)