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Which Pyramid Lake is Blue Rodeo referring to in their song Cynthia?

  I always assumed it was Pyramid Lake just outside of Jasper, Alberta, Canada.   It's beautiful mountain country... there's a lot of great woods and trails around the (MORE)

What is a rodeo?

Answer   It's a sporting event where contestents show their skills in riding horses, roping cattle, bull riding, barrel racing, and other activities involved in ranching. (MORE)

What does a Rodeo Queen do?

A Rodeo Queen has many jobs; role model, public speaker for rodeo, to carry on the western heritage, and to help out at the rodeo. The rodeo queen is not just a cowgirl with a (MORE)

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What rhymes with rodeo?

The most obvious are audio radio video Romeo which do not offer much variation. One that is often used in Western poems and songs is do-si-do (dosado, a square dance step). An (MORE)

How did rodeo originate?

  Cowboys at the end of a cattle drive would compete to prove who was the best bronco buster, who could rope a calf the fastest and other work related skills. This gave th (MORE)