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What is the largest blue whale ever recorded?

Blue Whales are the largest known living animal species on earth. Animals that were as large as 27 meters in length (nearly 90 feet) and weighing over 170 tonnes have been rec (MORE)

Did Patsy Cline record the song 'Blue'?

Blue No, Patsy Cline did not record Blue. According to Bill Mack, the person who "discovered" LeAnn Rimes, he had written the song for Patsy Cline, but she never recorded it (MORE)

Did the Rolling Stones ever record 'Blue Suede Shoes'?

That is ELVIS PRESLEY'S SONG!! God, how could you. ELVIS is the KING!! HEY! No they didn't, but if they did, I bet they would've done a better job than Elvis! John Lennon di (MORE)

Do blue whales have thumbs?

Whales have five finger like extensions on their flippers but they  do not have thumbs. Opposable thumbs are usually found on Human's,  primates, and some bears or marsupial (MORE)

How many recordings of Rhapsody in blue are there?

Literally dozens upon dozens of recordings of Gershwin's most  famous instrumental composition exist. In my opinion, the absolute  definitive interpretation is by Leonard Be (MORE)

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