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What should you use to catch bluefish?

\nThe Bluefish is the same fish as the Australian "Tailor". These fish are not fussy and I love catching them with poppers. The best popper in the world for long casting (you ( Full Answer )
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Where do bluefish live?

bluefish can be found in all tropic and temperate sea's although they are not they are not found on the shore's of the Eastern pacific in the US they are common along the Atla ( Full Answer )
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What does a bluefish eat?

A bluefish will eat a variety of sea creatures including otherfish, crabs, and shrimp. They are also known to eat lobster andsquid when they are able to find them as prey.
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How do you cook bluefish?

\nYou can fry it, cook it, or even grill it... Personally... My favorite way is to cover it in bread drums then cook it on the stove!!
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Where does a bluefish live?

Bluefish can be found in all tropic and temperate seas, although they are not found on the shores of the Eastern pacific. In the U.S., they are common along the Atlantic coast ( Full Answer )
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What is good bait for bluefish?

Bluefish eagerly take a wide variety of fresh baits. Live or cut menhaden,mullet, mackerel, spearing, eels, squids, shrimp, lady fish pieces, bunker or similar baitfish are al ( Full Answer )
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Are there bluefish in Mexico?

Yes. It is commonly found all throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Also in the Mexican interior, you can find some species of bluefish along the Mexican rivers.
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Does bluefish taste good?

No bluefish is nasty. I have heard all kinds of ways to make it better but why should you have to go so far to make a food not nasty...Most things that taste nasty have a reas ( Full Answer )
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From which fish family is the bluefish?

Scientifically named the Pomatomus salatrix, the bluefish is a fish found in waters all around the world, though it is predominantly found in temperate and sub-tropic waters. ( Full Answer )