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What is the blues?

  it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was started in the late 1800.   it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was st (MORE)
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What are the blues?

The blues can be a couple of things. First, it's an idiom meaning a  feeling of sadness or melancholy. Second, it can mean a form of  jazz music that is usually in a minor k (MORE)
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What are the blues about?

the blues are about the hardships people have faced, their lives, obstacles overcome, and is more than just self pity.
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How do you get blue?

Blue is a primary light colour so it exists all the time. You cannot make it from any other colour. Shine a bright white light through a prism or look at a rainbow, you can s (MORE)

What makes blue eyes blue?

There's the biological answer and there's the physics answer. Biologically, yes, it's determined by your genes. Interestingly, the mutation that originally caused blue eyes (MORE)

Why do the Blue Mountains look blue?

The Blue Mountains, which separate Sydney from the interior regions, are covered with vast expanses of Eucalyptus bushland. Eucalyptus trees, or "gum trees", give off eucalypt (MORE)

Why is a blue shirt blue?

your shirt appears blue because that is the color that is being reflected. for example, if a ray of light (the sun) is shining on a shirt then all of the colors of a rainbow a (MORE)

Why does a blue object look blue?

Every colour has a wave length by which it can be distinguished. When light falls onto any object, it absorbs some wavelengths and reflects back others. The reflected one tell (MORE)

What song has the lyrics blue blue blue?

jaded by aerosmith has some lyrics like that. "talking about my, my, baby blue (blue blue blue yeah)" towards the end of the song. idk if its something else ----------- (MORE)