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Who was the older guitarist playing with Smokey Robinson last night at the Greek Theater. They did a duet with a bluesy guitar groove with vocal over the guitar. Also what's the name of that song?

That guitarist was MARV TARPLIN. He was an original member of The MIRACLES...and was inducted with them into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in April, 2012. Sadly, Marv didn't (MORE)

Bluesy singer lina horne was a longtime spokesperson for what coffee brand?

Lena Horne was the spokesperson for Sanka Coffee. During the nineteen eighties she was a familiar sight on the television. Perhaps it was her rendition of the song "black coff (MORE)

What is the bluesy song playing in the background in Kiss the Girls when Ashley Judd is cooking before the final scene and the song Goodnight Irene?

Ariel, Neptune`s mermaid daughter of "king of the seas`, who fallsfor a prince (human). She wants to become a human, but the Witchtells her he wants something in return:" I wa (MORE)