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What is the definition of blunder?

as a noun: A stupid, clumsy mistake as a verb: To move awkwardly or clumsily To make a usually serious mistake
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A sentence with Blunder?

she went to the teacher to apologize for her blunder The word 'blunder' means 'mistake'. To use the word 'blunder' in asentence you could say 'he made a massive blunder when h (MORE)
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Is blunder a verb?

Blunder as in the action of making a mistake is a verb. Blunder as in the definition of "a mistake" is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), (MORE)

Can a blunder be rigorous?

Well, I wouldn't think so, since they kind of contradict each other... you can't pay strict attention to all the minute details and blunder... blunder is more accidental and b (MORE)
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What is Phidia's blunder?

Through Phidias's blunder, the Christian may learn not to take credit for what God has enabled one to do?

What is the historical blunder which Hitler made?

Hitler didn't listen to his generals and this resulted in several mistakes. One major mistake was he sent his troops into Russia without winter gear or preparation. He also ha (MORE)
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How to use blunder in a sentene?

Example( you made a blunder when you forgot to spell sentence with a c after the n)
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