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What are some engineering blunders?

  Answer 1   There probably has been thousands, but the most interesting one of which I am aware is the collapse of the "Tacoma Narrows Bridge" [nicknamed "Gallopin (MORE)

What was Hitler's greatest military blunder?

Declaring war on Russia. Russia was friendly towards Germany and sent her supplies. When Germany broke her non-aggressions pact with Russia she cut her army in half and sent a (MORE)

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What major engineering blunders were results of faulty measurement?

The Great Kersten Blunder. (Kersten was the programer that made the error). The Vigor space probe was sent towards Venus, but because of a computer programing error installed (MORE)

Can a blunder be rigorous?

Well, I wouldn't think so, since they kind of contradict each other... you can't pay strict attention to all the minute details and blunder... blunder is more accidental and b (MORE)

What was JFK's worst blunder as president?

  The widely accepted answer would be the Bay of Pigs. This was an attempt to infiltrate Cuba and not only ws it unsuccessful, the US got caught. It made us look incompete (MORE)
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What part of speech is blunder?

"Blunder" can be used as either a verb or a noun. The verb, "to blunder", means more or less "to make a clumsy or foolish error". Verb: "They say President Wilson has blunder (MORE)
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What is a sentence for the word blundered?

The word blundered means to fall over or to fall. For example: The boy was jumping over the last hurdle when he blundered and his foot got caught.
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