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What is a blunt?

A blunt is a cigar filled with marijuana. People buy cheap cigars, split them open, and dump out the tobacco. Then they replace the tobacco with marijuana, and wrap them back (MORE)

What is the Best blunt in oblivion?

The best blunt weapon and the best weapon in the entire game is in the shivering isles the weapon is nerveshatter it is from syl by either killing her and taking it from her d (MORE)

What is blunt probe?

Blunt means "not sharp". Sometimes you want a knife or a needle, but not this time. probe (prōb) 1. a long, slender instrument for exploring wounds or body cavities or pas (MORE)
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What is blunt body?

with reference to astronautics, a blunt body is a body in which the pressure drag is large in comparison to the skin friction drag.

How hot does a blunt get?

I am basing this on info from the link below where Dr. Michael Ewart performed these experiments on cigarettes. I think the results would be relatively close to what you are l (MORE)

How do you roll a blunt with one hand?

Split your dutch, or preffered cigar, put in your tobacco, or herbal product. Lick one side for seal, the side closest to your fingers. Now, with your fingers, and this does t (MORE)

What is the difference between frank and blunt?

Frankness is to reveal oneself from the inner of him/her, without hiding anything. Blunt is a bold statement of agreement or disagreement, without any weightage to the emotion (MORE)