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What is a rosey boa?

A small (2-3 ft.) New World boa native to the southwest U.S. and Mexico. They are readily available captive bred in a few pet stores and and are widely available online.
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What is a boa blanket?

Boa blankets are baby blankets that are soft and made ofbiodegradable materials. This blanket is eco friendly,anti-bacterial and wont fill up landfills.
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What are boas predators?

a boas preditor can be a man or a large bird of some kind.boas are easy to spot but are hard to spot in the dry lands because of there browness.
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Who is BoA?

BoA is a native Korean singer but expanded her talent to Japan, China and America. She debuted at only the age of 13 with her single, I B Peace. Then later in 2003 she debut ( Full Answer )
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How does the boa communicate with other boas?

with their bodies EDIT: Boas (I assume you mean the famous Red Tail Boa) are highly solitary as with most (if not all) snake species. They would communicate for the purpos ( Full Answer )
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Is a sand boa a boa constrictor?

yes apparently any kind of boa chokes and their all related to an anaconda EDIT: No, not in the stereotypical sense. Sand boas (I imagine you are referring to the Kenyan s ( Full Answer )
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Are boas about extinked?

Boas in general are not close to extinction by any means, but some specific ones like a subspecies of Sand boa (don't remember off the top of my head) are endangered).
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Where are boas found?

in dry places EDIT: Boas are found all over the world. From Red Sand Boas of the Middle East, The Dumeril's Boa of Madagascar, the Emerald Tree Boa of South America. Green ( Full Answer )
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How large are boas?

I believe the smallest boa is the Kenyan Sand Boa (males average 1-1.5ft.) and the largest boa is the Green Anaconda (25ft. set the record). These are the biggest not the long ( Full Answer )