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Who makes up the board of directors?

The Board of Directors of a corporation typically consists of individuals elected by the shareholders and the Chief Officers of a corporation (CEO, COO, CFO). Elected individu (MORE)

Can a Board of Directors fire an Executive Director?

Yes. In fact, they are the only entity that can fire an executive  director. There are some cases where a staff member may have the  title executive director but may not be (MORE)
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What is rubber stamp board of director?

In the days when policies, were developed and authorised they used a system of wax seal which told the reader the document had been read and agreed at the highest level (often (MORE)

Is 'Board of Directors' singular or plural?

"Board of Directors" is a singular (one board) compound noun that  takes a singular verb.    Think of it as 'a special group' of directors. The group may be  large or (MORE)

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Is the board of directors were or was?

The key word is 'board', the singular subject of the verb: the  board was.   example: The board of directors was in conference all morning.    When using just 'the (MORE)