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Why do plants reach toward the sun?

Plants grow toward the sun because the side of the plant that is shaded grows faster. Very simple concept; think about this. A plant is under (let's say) a bench and light shi (MORE)

What is a reach around?

  it is a sexual act with the male/female standing/lying behind there partner and sexually relieving them.
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How do you reach climax?

When you get stimulated sexually (and you like it), after awhile, you climax from the pleasure.
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Is there a sequel to when you reach me?

No there isn't right now at this precise time but there is a rumour going round that When You Reach Me may have a sequal added but hasn't be confirmed. Hope I could help .
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Is reached a verb?

Yes, reached is a verb. As in 'Bill reached for a cookie', or just 'to reach'.
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Methods of reaching salvation for judaisms?

  If you are referring to beliefs commonly held by observant Jews, then perhaps two things are important to understand up front. First, concern for "salvation" in another (MORE)
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Bronowski's reach of imagination?

Basically it talks about how humans are different than all other species because we have the ability to create images in our mind. This allows us to have a memory, perceive a (MORE)
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Is reaching a noun or a verb?

The word 'reaching' is the present participle, present tense of the  verb to reach. The present participle of the verb also  functions as an adjective and a gerund, a verbal (MORE)