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Where is the boat?

Boats are usually found in the shore that is being held tightly using a rope.
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How do you get on a boat?

Depending on the size of the vessel, you may be able to just step on, or have to climb up a ladder or stair case to get on. You may also be able to drive onto the boat if it ( Full Answer )
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Where did they get a boat?

They may have saved their money or took out a loan to purchase it from a marine/boat dealership or private seller. Or they may have been given it, or they may have stolen it. ( Full Answer )
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Are you on a boat?

YES. It's goin fast and... Poseidon look at me. Not at the moment. But either word is correct, on a boat , or in a boat, are both correct usage.
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What kind of boats have boat propellers?

Power Boats, Yachts. Any boat that has a motor on it. Or one that is powered by human and has a propeller on it (mostly known as a pedal boat or paddle boat).
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How do boat companies distribute their boats?

Boat distributers distribute their boats just as car companies do. For example if you would like a sea ray you have to go to a sea ray dealer
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Do you drive a boat or steer a boat?

A traditionalist would say that the word drive, when used ina nautical context, has a bad connotation, generally meaning out ofcontrol, as in "driven ashore," the current dr ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have boats?

Because my family and i love to go to the beach and go on the pond near my house. We take our boat out to the beach and eat lunch and play around.
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What kind of boat is U-Boat?

A U-Boat is, in German, ein U-boot, short for "ein Unterwasserboot". That translates to English as "Underwater Boat". "Underwater", of course, translates to Latin as "Submarin ( Full Answer )
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What is boats?

Yeah, my friends have been going on about boats... I have no cluewhat it is but it certainly is not the aquatic vehicle everyoneknows about, I need help on this.