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Who is Bob Barker?

Answer   Bob Barker is an American gameshow host to the longest running gameshow in history. It's called "The Price Is Right". He's also been featured on the comedy film (MORE)

Who is Bob Seger?

Bob Seger was born at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and lived in the area until age 6 when his family moved to the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. When Seger was 10 (MORE)

Who is Bob Geldof?

Bob Geldof is a singer and an ex member of the Boomtown Rats and is  famous for his charity and campaigning work. Fifi Trixibelle,  Peaches (died 7th April 2014) and Pixie G (MORE)
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Should it be 'me and Bob' or 'Bob and I'?

It depends on what function the phrase is playing in the sentence. If the two of you are the subject of the sentence, you would use "Bob and I," for example: Bob and I are goi (MORE)

Why did Bob Marley go by bob?

Bob Marley went by many names growing up. However, how he started going by Bob is when he went to the United States the first time, the person who was filling out his passport (MORE)
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When did the bob come about?

The modern woman's bob first appeared on redheaded women in France about 1905, in 1914 a famous dancer cut her hair in a bob which popularized the cut. By 1915, bobbed hair wo (MORE)

Bob the builder?

Bob the builder is a kids T.V star, who has his own show. He and his trucks build or fix anything that needs it. His trucks are "alive", they can talk and move on there own. Y (MORE)