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What is a bobbin?

Answer . The part of a sewing machine where you load thread that will be used for the ...I think, underside of a stitch.. Answer . A cylindrical spool in a sewing mac (MORE)

How do you fill the bobbin?

such as in a sewing machine? Your sewing machine should have a button on it. it should have to 2-3 spindles at the top. Using your spindle of thread, thread through the machin (MORE)
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How do you wind a bobbin?

I'm assuming you're talking about winding a bobbin on a sewing machine? If so, there is a post similar to the one for thread (near it) that you put the empty bobbin on. Then y (MORE)
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How do you thread a bobbin?

First, you'll need to wind the bobbin (which means you'll need toput thread on it). To do so: . First, you'll need to place your spool of thread on the spoolpost. . Place (MORE)
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What is a bobbin case?

A bobbin case is the name of the part of the sewing machine that carries the bobbin. It is a removable part which is designed to hold the bobbin.

Who invented the bobbin?

My Great, Great grandfauther, John Charles Boyd was the person that invented the bobbin, which is basiclly what makes the sewing machine work in the first place

What is a sewing bobbin?

A sewing bobbin is a small spool of thread that goes underneath the needle and sewing platform. It provides the lower thread for the sewing machine. Different models of machin (MORE)
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What is a bobbin winder?

A "bobbin" is a spool onto which yarn or thread can be would sothat it can be place in a machine and deliver the yarn/thread asneeded to make or sew a fabric. A "bobbin winder (MORE)