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Sewing machine bobbin?

  I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but if it is "WHAT IS a sewing machine bobbin?" then I can help. The sewing machine bobbin is the round "wheel" like part tha (MORE)
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What is a bobbin case?

A bobbin case is the name of the part of the sewing machine that carries the bobbin. It is a removable part which is designed to hold the bobbin.
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How much does a bobbin cost?

Generally, bobbins for sewing machines are quite inexpensive. They  should be found for about one dollar at sewing and big box stores.
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How do you thread a bottom bobbin of a singer imperial?

Does the bobbin have a metal "peak" on it? If so, drop it in the machine with the peak up. Slide the cover only about half way till the 2 arrows on the left match up. Thread t (MORE)
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Thread a bobbin for juki ddl 5550?

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What do you do if the bobbin holder in the sewing machine is not moving?

Check and see if the bobbin thread is wound/jamming the feeder, if  so carefully remove the bobbin & the thread. Clean out any  loose thread bits and any thread/fabric dust. (MORE)

What does the bobbin winder do on a sewing machine?

A bobbin winder is the part of a sewing machine that takes the thread from a spool of thread and winds it on the bobbin. The sewing machine bobbin is a mini-spool of thread, m (MORE)