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Bodhisattva according to Theravada?

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What is bodhisattva?

Bodhisattva is a term in Buddhism that means "great wise being" or "great wise angel".

What role does a bodhisattva play in Budhism?

In Mahayanana Buddhism a Bodhisattva is an enlightened persn who forgoes entry into Nirvana to return to the cycle of death and rebirth to help enlighten others so they may be (MORE)

What is the mission of a Bodhisattva in Buddhism?

This is a very interesting question. The mission of a Bodhisattva as described in Buddhism seems much like a personal sacrifice. One who has the potential to cease all creativ (MORE)

Who is the Bodhisattva?

a great philosopher is the Buddhism. where the bodhisatwa understood that ther is no thing execpt fo hollowness in life. ultimetely people have to to mertiful things so they c (MORE)
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What is the concept of Bodhisattva?

BODHISATTVA (Pali: Bodhisatta) is a being who aspires for Bodhi or Enlightenment. The concept of bodhisattva (meaning Buddha-to-be) is one of the most important concepts in Bu (MORE)