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How is bodily injury calculated?

Answer . \ndoctors bills, loss of wages, special service- if you can't take care of yourself and you hire someone to cook, clean, drive, etc.

What are bodily fluids?

Body fluids are things like sweat, tears, blood, urine, CSF, mucus, genital secretions, breast milk; just about anything that is a part of or can come out of the body.
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What is a bodily inscription?

Bodily Inscription as it applies to language and literature is the idea that society inscribes the body with cultural significance and meaning, resulting in its metaphysical d ( Full Answer )
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Who was first to teach a bodily resurrection?

While Christianity is well known for its belief in a dying and rising god (Jesus), actually the idea went back to the days of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Deities like Mi ( Full Answer )
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What is bodily strength?

Bodily strengh is through God and only him. Read the Bible and you will have eternal life.
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What real bodily presence of god?

God is lovable to all human and children. He made the Earth and universe for us and god is all over the hole universal.
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How do you use the word bodily in a sentence?

The bodily fluid of the patient had seeped through the bandages, which raised the risk of infection in the trauma victim.
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What does bodily kinetics mean?

Kinetics refers to movement, and usually refers to normal movementsor exercises. Some things that may be listed under bodily kineticsinclude light calisthenics like touching t ( Full Answer )
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What are bodily adaptations?

bodily adaptations are when an animals body is able to re adapt to their surroundings, ie: climate (weather).