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How do you attract men with body language?

Smile is a great starter. Flick your hair about. Have covert communication, wink. I'm assuming that you know the men somewhat. I don't think that more than a smile across the (MORE)

When did body language start?

Truthfully, it started the first time two creatures came into contact with one another. It's the earliest language, and it's often the first language exchanged between and amo (MORE)

How do I read a girl's body language?

You can read a girls body language by how they are acting, if they like you they will hang out with you and if they don't they will completely ignore you roll their eyes and j (MORE)

How can you tell a girls body language?

If they look at your lips they usually want to kiss you. If they stare into your eyes they like you usually or want all your attention on them. If they play and tickle, this i (MORE)

Why is body language important?

Because through body language, people can show their attitude in what they're saying(very excited bored...) and therefore, affecting the overall passion in the speech. Moreove (MORE)

A SHY Girl body language?

IF she smiles when she's around you. Blushes alot with you or looks at you but quickly looks away if you see her.
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What is body languages?

body language is the gestures, poses, movement and facial expressions that person uses to communicate. its something called non-verbal comunication our body language is convey (MORE)