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Does the Boeing 727 have a rear tail ramp?

Yes, it has an "airstair" that flips down. It was designed so people could enter and exit the plane at airports that didn't have fancy gate equipment. When the plane was first (MORE)

How much fuel does a Boeing 727 burn?

Fuel Capacity of B727-100 is 8,186 Gallons. A B727-200 is 9,806 Gallons. With the 727-100, 12,000 lbs is burned in the first half hour of flight. In the next half hour 4,000 (MORE)
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Fuel capacity of a Boeing 727 in US gallons?

According to the Boeing Corporation, the 727 has a fuel capacity of 8,186 US gallons.
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How many seats are on a Boeing 727?

189 maximum if the seating configured as all one class. If the configuration is set to 1st / 2nd class then its 145 plus jump seats and flight deck crew.
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