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Where are the fuel tanks on a boeing 737?

Fuel is normally stored in the wings of the Boeing 737. directly above the wings on the engine. The fuel takes the shape of the inside of the wing, it is obviously protected.

What is the maximum speed for a Boeing 737?

Regular cruise speed = 938 KM/H = (mach .766) = 506 Nautical Miles per Hour Maximum speed = 974 KM/H = ( mach .806) = 526 NM/H As I recall, earlier versions of the 737 cruis (MORE)

Boeing 737 weight category?

  The Boeing 737 is categorized as a Large Aircraft. The next category up is called a Heavy Aircraft and that category starts at 300,000 pounds (maximum certificated gros (MORE)

How safe is a Boeing 737?

It's safer than you think. It's very rare that anything ever happen during flight. If it wasn't safe, the FAA wouldn't allow you to fly on it.
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What is the height of a Boeing 737?

The maximum height of the tail is 36 ft to 36 ft 10 in  (11.00 to 11.23 m) on the earlier models, and 41 feet 2  inches on later models.   The top of the fuselage is abo (MORE)

Why Boeing 737 had Sudden shake?

I am not sure about the exact situation but it may be "Turbulence" which is the result of the plane flying through an area of unstable air causing the aircraft to shake.
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