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What is the list price of a Boeing 777?

    Answer     Depending on the type of Boeing 777, the price will vary between 202 to 245.5 million US dollars.     Answer     Jetliners don (MORE)

What is the speed of a Boeing 777 when it is landing?

777-200 136kts 156mph  777-200ER 139kts 160mph   777-200LR 140kts 161mph   777-300 149kts 171mph  777/300ER 149kts 171mph  The actual touchdown speed depends on the (MORE)
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Which better Boeing 747 or Boeing 777?

It really depends on what you're looking for. The Boeing 747 has a large seating capacity, it is comfortable, stable, and great for long range flights. The Boeing 777 is popul (MORE)
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How far can a Boeing 777 glide?

Not far. As a jet, power must be constant to maintain lift. AllBoeing commercial jets are designed with a maximum 10-ft/s sinkrate. That is, with total engine failure, the cra (MORE)