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What is the takeoff speed of a Boeing 747 airplane?

The Boeing 747's takeoff speed if 156knts or 180mph. Take off speed for 747-400 fully loaded is 155-160 knots or almost 300 km/h or 180 mph. About the speed of of an F1 racer (MORE)
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What skills do you need to be an airplane engineer at Boeing?

You need to know how to design airplanes. To learn this you get a degree in aerospace engineering. And when you DO get this degree and go to work for Boeing, you will quickly (MORE)
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How much is it to rent a Boeing 747 airplane?

LOTS! I would say upwards of $100,000 that's if you can find an airline willing to rent you one. These planes don't come cheep they are worth over 200million dollars. I wouldn (MORE)
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What is the stall speed of a Boeing 737 airplane?

The stall speed depends on the model, weight and configuration of the 737. The stall speed with full flaps and gear down for a Boeing 737-800 is :140,000 lbs 146 KIAS, 120,000 (MORE)

When did The Boeing Airplane Company become The Boeing Company?

The company was always Boeing from the start in 1916. It was named after the founder of the company William E. Boeing. ANS 2 Sorry, Knowitall. you are WRONG ! Boeing's compan (MORE)

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