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Where is Bohemia?

Bohemia, once a Duchy and later a Kingdom, is now the western half of the Czech Rebublic. A small town of that name is also located on Long Island, in New York State.. I live ( Full Answer )
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Is Bohemia in Czech?

The area known for a long time as Bohemia comprises much of what is now the Czech Republic. Parts of Bohemia are in present day Germany. European borders and names of district ( Full Answer )
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Where is Bohemia located?

Bohemia was an ancient kingdom encompassing lands that are now the western portion of the Czech Republic.
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Is Bohemia a country?

No, it is not.. It is an historical region in central Europe now compromising a portion of the Czech Republic.
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What is the duchy of bohemia?

It was the Kingdom of Bohemia, a country that occupied pretty much the western half of the current Czech Republic. During the Hundred Years' War, a Bohemian king called John ( Full Answer )
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What religion was in Bohemia?

Bohemia is the country with the largest amount of people who don't belive in a god, while below that Catholic and Prodestant are the most popular religions in Bohemia.
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What happened to Bohemia?

Bohemia is Latin for "the land of Bois" (Bojove in original Czech), Bojove was a Celtic tribe in the heart of central Europe, today´s Czech Republic, which than merged with ( Full Answer )
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What language was spoken in Bohemia?

Bohemia is a region that is now the main part present-day Czech Republic, and their language is Czech, which was called Bohemian until about the 19th century. Czech originally ( Full Answer )
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What is the currency of Bohemia?

Bohemia is the old name for part of what is now the Czech Republic. The currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech koruna (Czech: korun českých, abbreviation: CZK), d ( Full Answer )
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Is Bohemia a Muslim?

Yes, he is Muslim. His original name is RogerDavid (born 15 October 1979), known world wide by hisstage name Bohemia or Raja is aPakistani American, Punjabi rapper and a ( Full Answer )