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Why shouldn't Bohemia and Alsace and Lorraine and Silesia and Pomerania be returned to Germany?

1. The population of Alsace and Lorraine is and regards itself as French; the population of Bohemia (more properly Czechia) is now and has been overwhelmingly Czech since the (MORE)

Is Bohemia a Muslim?

Yes, he is Muslim. His original name is Roger  David (born 15 October 1979), known world wide by his  stage name Bohemia or Raja is a  Pakistani American, Punjabi rapper an (MORE)

What is the duchy of bohemia?

It was the Kingdom of Bohemia, a country that occupied pretty much the western half of the current Czech Republic. During the Hundred Years' War, a Bohemian king called John (MORE)

What characters were in A Scandal in Bohemia?

Sherlock Holmes Dr. John H. Watson Mrs. Watson Mary Jane (Watson's servant) Irene Adler John (Adler's coachman) King of Bohemia Clotilde Lothman Von Sax-Meningen (MORE)

What are some customs and traditions in Bohemia?

- Hromnice (Similar to Groundhog Day in the USA). February 2nd. - St Joseph's Day. March 19th. - Easter. - The Burning Of The Witches (not as sinister as it sounds. It's (MORE)
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Was Bohemia part of Austria?

The Kingdom of Bohemia was ruled by the Habsburgs from 1526-1918 and thus by Austria. In many way it was 'the jewel in the crown', being very prosperous.
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When did Austria take over rule of Bohemia?

  After the death of King Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia in the Battle of Mohács in 1526, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria became King of Bohemia and the country became a c (MORE)

Is Bohemia in Czech?

The area known for a long time as Bohemia comprises much of what is now the Czech Republic. Parts of Bohemia are in present day Germany. European borders and names of district (MORE)