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What is the boiling point of ice?

The boiling point of ice is not very meaningful at normal pressures, because ice melts into water, and it is the water which later boils. At very low pressures, around 6/1000 (MORE)

What is a boiling chip?   Boiling chips are small, insoluble, porous stones made of calcium carbonate or silicon carbide. These st (MORE)
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When you have a cup of boiling hot water next to a cup with ice cold water how does the movement of the water molecules change in each case?

In the hot cup, they would be moving super fast, while in the cold cup they would just be fast. Solids are stagnant, while liquids molecules are fast.
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Why does dry ice seem to boil when put in water?

dry ice and hot boiling water is the same because they both burn so since they burn its hot in two separate extrems that's why dry ice boils because of the heat it has. Alth (MORE)

Is it possible to have boiling ice water?

It is possible to have boiling ice water. If the pressure is  increased enough, the melting temperature will also increase (the  bonds would need more energy to break). Some (MORE)
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Do you boil pasta?

Yes to cook dry pasta it should be boiled in plenty of salted water for the time indicated on the packet (usually 5 to 10 mins.)   However some pasta (e.g. Lasagna) may be (MORE)
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Why does ice take longer to boil once it has melted than it does to initially melt?

Assuming a constant temperature, for each, and needing at least 212 deg.F to boil water, and since, 32 deg. is freezing, 90 being mid point. The time to go from 32 to 90, woul (MORE)
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Why does it take more energy to boil 10 g of liquid water than to an equival ent mass of ice?

It takes more energy to boil ice than it takes to boil water because the number of degrees that the temperature must be raised to reach a boiling point of 220F (100C) is great (MORE)