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What is the boiling point of ice?

The boiling point of ice is not very meaningful at normal pressures, because ice melts into water, and it is the water which later boils. At very low pressures, around 6/1000 (MORE)

Do you need to boil the water before making the ice cubes?

This will depend on the source of your water. In most developed countries, it is not necessary to boil water before freezing it for ice cubes because the water is safe to drin (MORE)

Why do chefs put vegetables into boiling water and then into ice cold water?

The boiling water is to cook the vegetables. It also serves to sterilize them and make sure no germs are passed on. The ice water afterwards helps to maintain the bright color (MORE)

Explain why the water is boiling at the top of the tube but the ice at the bottom hasn't melted?

If heated at the top only, all heat is absorbed by boiling (vaporation) and warm water is lifted up by its lower density than the more dense cold water stays under, downwards. (MORE)
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Why does dry ice seem to boil when put in water?

dry ice and hot boiling water is the same because they both burn so since they burn its hot in two separate extrems that's why dry ice boils because of the heat it has. Alth (MORE)

Is it possible to have boiling ice water?

It is possible to have boiling ice water. If the pressure is  increased enough, the melting temperature will also increase (the  bonds would need more energy to break). Some (MORE)