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How do you get a circle circumference?

Find the diameter, then multiply that by Pi (about 3.1416). The result is the circle's circumference.
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What is hip circle?

a back hip circle? a back hip circle is on the bars in gymnastics and is a basic skill that beginning gymnast learn you rotate all the way around the bar look it up on you tub (MORE)

What is the Antarctic Circle?

The Antarctic Circle is the parallel of latitude at 66°30' S. It is the northern limit of where the Sun neither rises on the summer solstice nor sets on the winter solstice. (MORE)
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Why is the pupil a circle?

The pupil is a hole surrounded by the iris which is the colored part of your eye. The pupil gets bigger and smaller because the iris expands or contracts to let more or less l (MORE)

How do you eat in a circle?

There are several ways; You, along with multiple other people, can sit arranged in a circle shape and eat. Or, you can sit and eat inside of a reasonably sized, circle-shaped (MORE)