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What is a bollard?

This is something to do with concrete. Simply put, a bollard is a short vertical post. Originally used for mooring ships, they are now used in many applications, mostly to p (MORE)
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Where would you find a bollard?

Many places. A mooring bollard would be found in a harbor on a ship dock. Parking bollards are found in parking lots protecting buildings and utilities. Traffic bollards are f (MORE)
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How much does it cost to install a bollard?

On average a bollard can be installed by a licensed contractor paying comp and liabilty ins. for about 400.00 ea. This price includes the bollard at a height of 4' above groun (MORE)
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How much to install a bollard?

A contractor would probably charge in the range of $400 assuming he had to core out the concrete, bury the pipe and backfill. You could install a surface mounted bollard your (MORE)
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What is bollard function?

Originally bollards were used on ships, primarily for mooring, i.e. tying lines to dock. Today they have two general purposes. Bollards are short vertical posts found almost (MORE)
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Where can one get some bollards for decoration?

Typically bollards are used only by official infrastucture service providers and thus there are not many companies sellling them for individuals. Thus it would be recommended (MORE)
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What exactly is the purpose of a bollard?

A bollard is a post, which is usually used to moor a boat in the water. It can also be used to describe a variety of structures, which control or direct road traffic.
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Where can one purchase Bollard covers?

You can purchase a bollard cover from The Park Catalog, Speed Bumps and Humps, Emedco, Stop-Painting, thousands of sellers from eBay, and it couldn't hurt to check Craigslist (MORE)