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What was the reason for the failure of Soviet-style communism more commonly Bolshevism?

Economics If you want a clear, compelling and comprehensive answer to this question, the best person to ask is an economist, or a student of economics, because communism w (MORE)

What is bolshevism?

Bolshevik ("Большевик", derived from Russian word for "majority") is the name given to the faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RS (MORE)
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What is the relationship between Jews and Bolshevism?

Answer 1 Jews have never been shown kindness throughout the bolshevik period. Answer 2 Unfortunately, there were a number of highly-placed Jewish intellectuals among th (MORE)

What was Bolshevism?

According to historians, Bolshevism was the belief that capitalismdoes not achieve ultimate growth. Lenin and other leaders believedeconomic growth can only be achieved by for (MORE)

Compare and contrast Nazism and Bolshevism as ideologies and as ruling system?

Bolshevism is a form of violent secular feudalism based on robbing, murdering and otherwise oppressing people who belong to several vocational classes. Nazism is a more modern (MORE)
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Bolshevism - why was it feared?

A specific answer would depend on the specific country, but generally Bolshevism was feared because if the workers, led by the Bolsheviks (communists) carried out their threat (MORE)

What were Winston Churchill's views on Bolshevism?

Winston Churchill did not like communism. Bolshevism had faded out after world war 1 so he was more focused on the communism. He warned President Roosevelt of the dangers of l (MORE)

What year did Lenin found Bolshevism?

In 1903, at the Russian Social Democratic Party Congress in Brussels, Belgium, Lenin adopted the name Bolshevik as the name for his faction of the Marxist RSDP. Lenin's group (MORE)