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What is bombing?

Answer . \nDropping a bomb from an airplane onto a traget. Shooting an explosive shell from a cannon onto a target. Placing and detonating an explosive device at a target. (MORE)

What is a bomb?

a bomb is an explosive that has a special timing until it blows up itself a bomb is an explosive war equipment that makes major noise and FIRE

What the A bomb?

An A Bomb also known as the Atomic Bomb or Nuclear bomb is a high powered explosive that is created with a nuclear element such as Uranium. Created in 1945 during the Manhatta (MORE)

What is in the A bomb?

Uranium 235, a conventional explosive, probably HMX used in the implosion charge, and a bunch of wires and other devices to cause the implosion trigger to detonate properly.. (MORE)
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What is bomb?

A bomb is any of a range of explosive devices that typically rely on the exothermic chemical reaction of an explosive material to produce an extremely sudden and viole (MORE)

What is in a bomb?

It depends on the bomb ("bomb" is a very vague term), but we cangenerally say "something explosive."

What is the bomb?

Ok, u must be stupid!!how do u not know what a bomb is?!?! a bomb is a device that blows up, you know, something that goes booom

How do you get bomb?

If you don't know, I'd rather not tell you (although it is "relatively" easy to figure this out for oneself, I have - and not from untrustworthy sources like pirate websites o (MORE)