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What is a Bombarded House?

A pedestrian residential district or building that has been deteriorated due to military, terrorist, or police force.
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What happen after the bombardment?

After many bombardments in history, troops take over and run thearea. Some areas are left to dwindle and die. It would all dependson what people and countries have been involv ( Full Answer )
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What is bombarding particles?

Bombarding particles is particle that bombard the wall of a surface.This usually happens because of the air pressure in something.
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What is Electron Bombardment?

Electron bombardment is a process where neutral atoms are converted to positive ions by bombarding them with electrons. Electrons are knocked off the atoms when fast moving el ( Full Answer )
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What is neutron bombardment?

In its essence, neutron bombardment is the bombarding of a material by (or with) neutrons. In an operating nuclear reactor, neutrons are being produced in the fission process. ( Full Answer )
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What is inside a bombard?

"Fromage" - as in cheese in french or "nice card!" -what someone may say to someone if they have a pretty card.
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How Do you bombard a neutron?

Not sure what you mean. If you mean bombard atoms with neutrons then there are two main ways to do it: . Put a sample of the material inside a fission reactor. The neutron ( Full Answer )
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What is an artillery bombardment?

An artilery bombardment is where artillery (Big guns and cannons ) constantly fire at the enemy lines
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What is an antonym for bombard?

taking bombard to mean launch, discharge or fire, the Antonym would be Hold or Keep
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What is the bombardment definition?

1. A continuous attack with bombs, shells, or other missiles. 2. A continuous flow of questions, criticisms, or information.