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How do you pronounce 'bonne nuit'?

" Buh-nwee " is a way to pronounce the French phrase bonne nuit . Specifically, the feminine adjective bonne means "good." The feminine noun nuit means "night." The tw (MORE)

Izzy bonn signature tune?

  Izzy Bonn, Jewish entertainer, who tramped the boards around Britain his signature song going back into the forties or beyond was,   "Its never to late to mend" Went (MORE)

What does bonne fete mean?

The grammatically correct way to spell it is bonne fête. In Québec, the way to wish a person happy birthday is by saying Bonne fête. Feast; a day of celebration
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What does bonne matin mean in English?

'bonne matinée' = [have a] good morning 'de bon matin' = early in the morning ('bonne matin' is not grammatically correct) the common greetings are 'bonjour' (from the (MORE)

What is bonne fete translated in English?

In Canada and other non-France French speaking areas, bonne fete is usually translated as happy birthday, although the locals will also understand you if you say "Joyeaux Anni (MORE)

Why was Bonn the old capital of Germany?

Bonn was NEVER meant to be the permanent capital of West Germany. Even when it was voted as provisional seat of government, the delegates assiduously avoided referring to it a (MORE)