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What is a bonsai?

a little set of plant usually put in a box or pot, you can put iton your desk or fridge, and it also can settle in your garden forthe artistic appreciation. the bonsai is more (MORE)
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What is a bonsai tree?

For more details and information, please see related link below. . Answer. a Bonsai tree is one where you train it with wires to have twisted branches and trunks and (MORE)
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What is Origami Bonsai?

Origami Bonsai is a new art form first created by author and artist Benjamin John Coleman. Folded leaves and flowers are glued to natural branches to create botanical sculptur (MORE)
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Where did Bonsai originate?

In China, but it was the Japanese who perfected the art. Bonsai is an art which people have to get a tree and plant it thebest they can possibly do. It is the art of describin (MORE)
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Where does bonsai originated?

I have answered this question before, just look up- Is the Bonsai tree Chinese or Japanese?- And you will figure out the answer.

Where do you get bonsais?

You can purchase bonsais at most local flower shops, Home Depot and sometimes Lowes. Sometimes availability depends on the season.
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Is bonsai an adverb?

No. A bonsai (bonsai tree) is a dwarf decorative tree, and the nameof the trimming art form. There is no adverb form.

How bonsai harmful?

Bonsai trees have miniature spikes on the trunk, which can peirce your skin. Also, the blue gnomes living in the hollow trunk can come out and defend the tree when its under s (MORE)
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How ARE bonsais prepared?

First you must select the type of Bonsai you want to have, then you can pick yours outbe sure that you choose one with good leaf coloring to ensure the plant is healthy.Ê Y (MORE)

Can juniper bonsai be an indoor bonsai?

No definitely not. Juniper need 6 hours a day and 4 hours ofindirect sunlight. They are ever green trees so need allot of sun.For indoor trees you do allot better with Ficus w (MORE)