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What is a fallopian tube?

Answer   It is a thin tube connecting the ovaries with the uterus, it is the site of fertilization i.e. the fusion of male and female gamete. It is the part of female rep (MORE)

What is instrumentation tubing?

  inst. tubing is used to connect various pressure gauges,pressure switches,valves and flow monitors on industrial piping and ventilation systems. the most common material (MORE)

What is visking tubing?

Visking tubing is a kind of seamless semi permeable tubing, a  cellulose tubing, that is made of regenerated cellophane. It is  used as an edible casing for sausages or as a (MORE)

What is a neural tube?

The neural tube is the part of the development of the central  nervous system in a developing embryo. What is pretty amazing about  this is that within the first 4 weeks of (MORE)
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What is a conical tube?

A conical tube is a hollow triangular shaped receptacle often used  in laboratories. Conical tubes are used in centrifuges where  specimens are spun at high speeds to separa (MORE)
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What is tubely?

Tubely is an online social networking community that connects people through networks of friends or making new friends. The Invitation page looked just like Facebook and Lin (MORE)

What is a crookes tube?

crooks tube is the tube used by William crooks in his cathode ray has a low pressure inside and it contains an anode and a cathode in each ends.the anode and the (MORE)

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What can you do with your tube blockage?

One of the major causes of infertility is fallopian tube  obstruction. The fallopian tubes are the uterine tubes where  fertilization occurs. When they are blocked, the sper (MORE)