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When is the third book of the art by Clive Barker being released?

At least not until he has finished all the books of the Abarat series which last year he was saying he is getting closer to.   He does plan to finish the series and has abo (MORE)

What are facts about the book of kells?

10. The book's beautiful calligraphy and artwork were completed on pages made from calf vellum, 185 calf skins to be exact. 9. Most historians believe that four calligraphers (MORE)

What is the value of hard cover art-type edition of Tom Sawyer Books Inc Publishers Boston New York on preface dated Hartford 1876?

Hi. Just letting you know I have this same book and it's actually a set of NINE books. the 1876 noted is NOT the copyright. That is just the date the author wrote the original (MORE)

What are books?

They are stories that give the reader some knowlege and can be fiction, nonfiction, and more.   -some find reading highly boring some say do not try it   different answe (MORE)
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Post code co meath kells iearland?

There are no post codes in Ireland. To write to someone there you would finish the address as follows: Kells, Co. Meath Ireland. For an internet site looking for a cod (MORE)

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Where is the Book of Kells now?

Henry Jones presented the Book of Kells to Trinity College in Dublin in 1661 for safekeeping during the Cromwellian wars. It is kept in the Library when not on loan to other i (MORE)

What language is the book of kells written in?

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript  Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New  Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. 
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I have a book called the art of trumpet playing by Vincent bach with a copyright date of 1925. The front of the book is signed with compliments Vincent Bach in cursive. What is the possible value?

I know that the book is now available for online download for free, but it is very hard to find anywhere else. If it is actually signed by him, I would contact Conn-Selmer or (MORE)

Where can you buy a concept art book of Golden Sun the Viedo Game?

I don't think you can buy concept/art books from any of the Golden  Sun series because the entire book would be filled more with  character sprites and pixelated backgrounds (MORE)