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What happened to PBS Kids Go and Bookworm Bunch?

PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch was retired on September 16, 2004 and  replaced with PBS Kids Go and Preeschool Block. PBS Kids Go was  retired on October 4, 2013 and replaced with (MORE)

How do you play word master in bookworm adventure?

you play word master by guessing the word. there are clues in the game . for example the clue is the first letter p . then you guess the word like the first guess is point . p (MORE)

What are the Bookworm Adventures Tome Of Knowledge Secrets?

i only know six, they are 1 Click on Lex during adventure mode X1 2.Click on Lex during adventure mode X4 3.Click on Lex during adventure mode X8 4.Click on a baddie in the T (MORE)

Where is professor bookworm on panfu?

not in the library jungle then the cave Proffesser book worm used to be by the castle but krucio is there so im guessing he is in the library which is in the ice cream parlour (MORE)