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What is a bookworm?

A bookworm is a person who loves to read. They always have their nose in a book. Reading is not only entertainment but a way to self education on any topic. A well read per (MORE)

How do you become a bookworm?

By reading a lot, at home, at a library... or just anywhere! Mary has a wide knowledge on many subjects... You always see her at the library, she is a real bookworm.
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Where is the bookworm?

professor bookworm is in san pranfu, the guy wearing red sunglasses and a little long brown hair standing next to the hair salon.Or in the lab.
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Is it bad to be a bookworm?

No , being a bibliophile is a good thing since being well read reflects a certain amount of intelligence (reliant upon whether the classics are ignored) .   Never, I love t (MORE)

Who is bookworm on Batman?

In the original Batman TV series, the character of The Book Worm was played by the wonderfully talented British-born Roddy McDowall. The late actor appeared under this guise i (MORE)

Are you a proud bookworm?

If you are a proud bookworm join my club proudbooks. If you would like to know how to join e-mail me on or blog on my blog proud-bookworms.edublogs. (MORE)