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What is a bookworm?

A bookworm is a person who loves to read. They always have their nose in a book. Reading is not only entertainment but a way to self education on any topic. A well read per (MORE)

How do you become a bookworm?

By reading a lot, at home, at a library... or just anywhere! Mary has a wide knowledge on many subjects... You always see her at the library, she is a real bookworm .
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Where is the bookworm?

professor bookworm is in san pranfu, the guy wearing red sunglasses and a little long brown hair standing next to the hair salon.Or in the lab.

Is it bad to be a bookworm?

No , being a bibliophile is a good thing since being well read reflects a certain amount of intelligence (reliant upon whether the classics are ignored) .. Never, I love to r (MORE)
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Is bookworm adventures volume 3 out?

No. They haven't even made the first of 3 miniature games that will be included in it yet and nothing has been mentioned about it so far.

Who is bookworm on Batman?

In the original Batman TV series, the character of The Book Worm was played by the wonderfully talented British-born Roddy McDowall . The late actor appeared under this gui (MORE)

Are you a proud bookworm?

If you are a proud bookworm join my club proudbooks. If you would like to know how to join e-mail me on or blog on my blog proud-bookworms.edublogs. (MORE)