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What is a boolean theorem?

In The Middle Of 19th Century ,an English mathematician George Boole developed rules for manipulations of binary variables, known as Boolean Algebra. This is the basis of all ( Full Answer )
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What is boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra differs in a major way from ordinary algebra in that boolean constants and variable are allowed to have only two possible values 0 or 1. A Boolean variable is ( Full Answer )
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What is a boolean?

A Boolean is a variable that can hold the value true or false. Inmost implementations, true is the all-ones bit pattern while falseis the all-zeroes bit pattern. As a signed i ( Full Answer )
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What are the boolean theorems?

\nCommutative\nx + y = y + x\nx . y = y . x\n. \nAssociative\nx+(y+z) = (x+y)+z = x+y+z\nx.(y.z) = (x.y).z = x.y.z\n. \nDistributive\nx.(y+z) = x.y + x.z\n. \n(w+x)(y+z) = ( Full Answer )
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What are booleans?

Booleans are used mostly in computer programming/coding. They can only have values of true or false (Sometimes represented as 1 and 0).
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What are boolean operaters?

The standard Boolean operators are AND, OR and NOT. From these, Boolean algebra derives 3 more "derived" operators--material implication, exclusive or, and equivalence. ( Full Answer )
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What is boolean alegbra?

boolean algebra is a type of algebra which only uses two numbers 0 and 1 (true and false) it only has two operations "and":* and "or":+ a+b=1 if a=1 or b=1 a+b=0 if a=0 an ( Full Answer )
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What are boolean search?

A type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be "ho ( Full Answer )
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What is boolean function?

A boolean function is a function that only works with values that can only have two values, often called "true" and "false", or alternately, "1" and "0".
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What is boolean in programming?

Boolean is a 'true or false' logic in programming - if you define afunction as a Boolean function, the only inputs it can have aretrue or false, and the output will vary depen ( Full Answer )