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What is a boomerang?

A boomerang is a tool developed by the Aboriginal tribes native to Australia. It was used for hunting. most boomerangs were simply throwing sticks that were thrown at a select ( Full Answer )
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What Channel Is Boomerang?

It depends on what Cable TV company or Satellite TV company you have. On Dish Network, Boomerang is on channel 175.
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What do boomerangs do?

they come back after you throw them but you need a returning boomerang or a non-returning boomerang My answer: Boomerangs are Australian hunting weapons that are thrown and ( Full Answer )
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Why do boomerangs fly?

When thrown the top wing of the spin moves in the same direction ,while the wing on the bottom of the spin moves in the opposite direction of the throw. The wing on top is spi ( Full Answer )
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What is a boomerang child?

A young adult, especially a college graduate, who has returned to the parental home, especially from college due to unemployment
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What size is a boomerang?

the size of a boomerang is about 40 cm So a boomerang is just over the size of a 30cm ruler
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How big are boomerangs?

In Ocarina of Time: as big as your arm when your a kid. in Twilight princess: probably the same. smaller if anything since i don't think you play as a child in that one.
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What is shape of a boomerang?

A boomerang is shaped like a ruler that has a bend in the middle and the ends rounded off.
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How is boomerang a gyroscope?

It spins around its own axis in flight, so it mimics the spinning of a gyroscope. This adds stability to its flight.
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Are boomerangs weapons?

I belive that it depends on how you use the boomarang because it is a classic kids toy but however if you are using it to hurt someone then it is calssified as a weapon