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Why did boomtowns develop in the 1800s?

First the miners set up tent camps then merchants come and set up shops soon more and more people come and shops such as barbershops, banks, clothes stores, ect. start being b (MORE)
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What did the presence of women add to boomtowns?

women provided stability to boomtowns. The miners were very competitive and sometimes became out of control with one another over a problem with gold shares or etc. Women he (MORE)
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What was a boomtown?

Generally speaking a "Boomtown" was a town that experienced suddengrowth for some reason; normally the discovery of a naturalresource or the implementation of man made resourc (MORE)
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Is boomtown an actual town?

Yes. Boom town is an actual town to be more specific it is in Texas.
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Why was San Francisco a boomtown?

San Francisco, California became the most heavily populated in the shortest period during the California Gold Rush period beginning in about 1849. According to San Francisco H (MORE)
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What was life like in a mining boomtown?

for many torture. in many camps one egg sold for $5, at a time when back east you could buy a complete lunch for one dime. many independent miners could not make enough to eat (MORE)
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What causes boomtowns?

Boomtowns arise because of a sudden boom -- discovery of gold, oil or anything that attracts a large number of people to an area that was formerly sparsely populated. People n (MORE)