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What are Splint Boots?

  Splint boots are designed help to protect a horses legs during movement while doing different types of work or sports.   The splint boot covers the horses leg from ju (MORE)

What is a coot?

A coot is a medium-sized water bird, a member of the Rallidae  family, with black plumage.
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What is boot thawed?

  Boot frozen means that whenever a PC restarts, it will be reverted to a pre-defined state. In other words, if you start you start a boot frozen PC, then delete some file (MORE)

What boot means?

  Implying to computer systems boot means the process when computer reads data in the certain order from a storage to the its RAM and then executes read data. Each file wh (MORE)
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What is the adaptations of the American coot?

there so far is only 1. Their toes bend back eac step to facilatate  walking on dry land
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What is a crepe boot?

Crepe boots have a different type of sole than normal boots. This crepe sole is more shock absorbent and more comfortable to walk and stand in than leather soled boots. They a (MORE)

Intl online connex stpvr tfc only?

It is a fare condition for an airline ticket. It means: International Online Connection or Stopover traffic only fare basis. Meaning the fare advertised is only good under tho (MORE)

Who did Nadia Coote play in Home and Away?

Nadia Coote is not listed in the cast and crew of Home and Away. she is she played claudia the farm girl who gets together with geoff. She was not in it until recently but ha (MORE)