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What is meant by bootstrap loader?

Also known as bootstrapping or boot loader , a bootstrap loader is a program that resides in the computers EPROM , ROM , or other non-volatile memory that automatic (MORE)
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What is bootstrapping?

The term itself originates from the concept of "pulling oneself up by one's own bootstraps". While this adynaton is clearly impossible, it is equally impossible for a computer (MORE)
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What is the bootstrap program?

hi, it is basically start up program that is responsible for locating lower hard disk addresses where operating system is stored
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What is bootstrap financing?

Bootstrap financing is the art of self-funding; employing strategies for finding the money you need to start a business without borrowing. Find out more at http://www.startupb (MORE)
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What is bootstrap software?

The software that runs first on the computer, bringing it up froman unknown state by a series of initialization steps and installingbasic I/O drivers needed to begin loading t (MORE)
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What is the applications of bootstrap amplifier?

it is a mechanism applied in an amplifier so as to raise it's input impedance.Mostly this mechanism is applied in a common collector(emitter follower) amplifier.
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What is the bootstrap?

bootstrap is nothing but used for integration purpose.It is used to integrat the signals using a integratorcircuit.
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Why is the name bootstrap given to bootstrap circuit?

The term bootstrap comes from the process of initializing the circuit or computer from a power off-on transition. The term is akin to picking one's self up by one's boot strap (MORE)
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Why do you need to use bootstrap What is the advantage and disadvantage of using bootstrap?

Without a bootstrap it would be impossible to boot a computersystem but that's not really an advantage, it's a fundamentalaspect of any computer system. The term "bootstrap" d (MORE)