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How much money did the movie borat make?

  Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," has grossed $248 million. Budget was 40 mil.
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What is valency of aluminum borate?

Aluminium borate does not have a valency. borate and aluminium have different valencies as aluminium and borate are separate elements. aluminium's valency is +3 and borates is (MORE)

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Was Pamela Anderson in on the joke in Borat?

No one knows for sure. To my knowledge, the best answer that can be given is, "Probably, but not definitively." When asked this question directly, Pam Anderson replied, "I can (MORE)

Is cellulose insulation containing borate safe?

I sometimes use Borax in my laundry. Borate is essentially the same stuff. Borax is something that, like copper and some other elements, the dose really does make the poison, (MORE)

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Who is Borat?

The main character of the movie "BORAT". Borat in the movie is a Kazakh adventurer in U.S.A. The actor who plays him is Sasha Boren Cohen who is not even Kazakh himself. None (MORE)

Is borat real?

no he isn't borat is also ali-G and sacha baron cohen he is also Bruno, borit is unreal
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