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Where is Borneo?

The island of Borneo is on the equator in the South China Sea. It also has coasts on the Java Sea, the Celebes Sea and Makasar Strait. Part of Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) bel ( Full Answer )
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Are there Chimpanzees on Borneo?

Chimpanzees are indigenous to Africa. Borneo and Sumatra, in Indonesia, are home to two different species of Orangutan, however. There is also a quote from the movie, Conqu ( Full Answer )
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What is the flag of Borneo?

There is no single flag for Borneo - there are regional flags for Sabah and Sarawak but Borneo remains part of Malysia so the flag is officially the Malaysian flag.
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In Borneo does it snow?

Borneo's tallest peak, Kinabalu, which rises to 4000m/14,000', does experience snow falls on rare occasions. Contrary to what many believe, it does snow near the equator, on ( Full Answer )
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How did Borneo get its name?

The earliest European explorers around Borneo were Portuguese and to a lesser extent Spaniards. They were great seamen. In Portuguese and Spanish a moored ship is "al borneo" ( Full Answer )
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What is the location of borneo?

Borneo is located southwest of the Philippines , east of S ingapore and Malaysia . It is a big island shared by Indonesia , Malaysia and a tiny part of it as the State ( Full Answer )
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Are there Toucans in borneo?

No, there are not toucans in Borneo. Borneo has hornbills some of which look similar to toucans. Toucans inhabit Southern Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean r ( Full Answer )
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Are there snakes in borneo?

There are snakes on every continent except Antarctica. Of course snakes are in Borneo, it's tropical rain forest.
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What does borneo export?

Half of the annual global tropical timber acquisition comes from Borneo. Furthermore, Palm oil plantations are rapidly encroaching on the last remnants of primary rain ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Borneo from Melbourne?

follow route 66 to Canada then turn right when you see a polar bear. i take that route anywhere. never fails. and if you don't believe me, keep heading north till you meet man ( Full Answer )