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What damage was done from the boscastle flood?

Lots of people lost their homes and jobs because the local shops where flooded. Boscastle thrived mainly on tourism, so the floods destroyed a large part of its income.   (MORE)

How did boscastle flood start?

The Boscastle flood occurred on the Monday 16th August in 2004. It started by a hurricane from Florida clashing with some of our air and causing it to rain heavily the rain th (MORE)

Which river flooded boscastle?

Boscastle is found where two valleys meet, formed by the rivers Valency and Jordan. A third river, Paradise, also flows through the village.
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What caused boscastle flood?

A lot of rain fell in a very short period in time, Boscastle is situated in a V-Shaped valley so it is easier for the water to pile up (flood), the River Jordan (the river whi (MORE)

How much rain fell in boscastle flood?

202mm, but then the rain went into the river near by and then that would have made even more. the flood was crazy but i visited Boscatle in 2010 and you wouldn't believe how w (MORE)