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What is a boss?

A boss a person a head of a business or it can mean other things: protuberance or roundish excrescence on the body or on some organ of an animal or plant, a knoblike mass of r (MORE)

Who is the bosses boss?

The bosses boss is the boss of your boss. The bosses boss is of a higher rank than your boss. For example, if you are a Managing Director your boss would be the Chief Executiv (MORE)

How do you punctuate bosses boss?

 When you are speaking of your bosses boss it would be: Boss's  boss. Although U.S. language does not acknowledge the apostrophe  Canadians do as the 's means it belongs t (MORE)

He was your first boss or he is your first boss?

"He was your first boss" if you are writing/speaking in past tense, like telling a story. "He is your first boss" if you are writing in future tense, like writing a guide/walk (MORE)
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How to be the boss?

You talk to corprate like a boss, approve memos like a boss, remember birthdays like a boss, direct workflow like a boss, micromanage like a boss, promote synergy, hit on debr (MORE)
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How do you be the boss like a boss?

In order to be a good Boss, you will need to know the company and the employees working for you. A good Boss is far and understanding. He or she is tough when needed and fair (MORE)
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How do you get boss?

Do work! Get things done. Everyone in the army is boss. Listen to bruce springsteen because he is boss. Drink jack3d becuase its boss. Take solid to make you boss. Drink beer (MORE)

Who is the boss of me?

Ultimately, you are the 'boss' of you. Each person is  responsible for their own actions and their own decisions.    No matter what circumstances you are in or what ag (MORE)