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Who is tails?

Tails is a two tail fox who is friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. He can fly by spinning he's tails around he is in many of the sonic games. Tails is only 8 and he likes Cream t (MORE)

What is an ear?

  An ear is an sensory organ of the body. It helps us to hear sound. The ear is composed of the external ear (which is visible) and the internal ear.   The external ear (MORE)

What is a nickel that has the tails side on both sides and has no seam worth?

  Trust me, it has a seam. Get a powerful magnifier and look closely at the rim near the face. The machining techniques used to make these magician's coins have become qui (MORE)

If you have a quarter with both sides tails and you looked at it magnified and there seems to be no trace of two coins being joined together is it real?

Possibly. You could check with the US Mint to see if there were any coins minted with that defect.    The mint won't help. You need to contact one of the major grading/cer (MORE)

Why are both tail lights out on a 2004 Monte Carlo fuse is good?

  I have this problem now.They say wiring,doubt it. Like the ground in trunk. Brake switch far up the pedal. I heard that the wiring runs through the flasher switch in the (MORE)