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How heavy was boudicca?

Is that a sensible question,,,and would it matter ! they did not use scales for weighing people then.
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What job did boudicca have?

Boudicca was queen of the tribe known as the British Iceni. Thiswas a Celtic tribe. They led the uprising against forces whooccupied the Roman Empire.
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Did boudicca have a ister?

She may well have done, but nothing is known about either her parents or any siblings she might have had- only that they were probably of Celtic royal or aristocratic stock. O ( Full Answer )
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Why Did Boudicca Lose?

Boudicca lost her revolt against the Romans because she did nothave the troops or the organization that the Romans had. Sherallied her tribesmen to fight against the Roman arm ( Full Answer )
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Where is Boudicca buried?

No-one knows for certain where Boudicca was finally defeated although most historians believe that it was somewhere along Watling Street (which ran from Dover to Hadrian's wal ( Full Answer )
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Was Boudicca married?

Yes, she was the wife of King Prasutagus, head of the large Iceni tribe. They had two daughters, and Prastugatus was a client king of the Roman occupiers. When he died, he sou ( Full Answer )
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Boudicca who was she?

Boudicca was the Queen of Icena In roman eyes boudica was aremarkable and fearsome figure because she was amazing. She keptfighting and she eventually committed suicide by tak ( Full Answer )
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Was boudicca fat?

The Romans described Boudica as tall, and fierce, with long red hair, no mention was ever made of her weight.
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Why did boudicca rebelled?

After Boudicca's husband, the king of the Iceni tribe died, he left part of his kingdom to the Romans, and the other part to his two daughters. The Romans, however, wanted all ( Full Answer )
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When did Boudicca reabil?

Boadicea was Queen of the British Iceni tribe in an area that is now known as East Anglia. She led her armies against the Roman occupation of Briton in about AD60-61. She w ( Full Answer )