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What is boulevard?

It is a broad avenue in a city, including areas from glass, flowers or trees
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Where is Sepulveda Boulevard?

It is a long street/freeway from north to south crossing the Santa Monica Mountains from the San Fernando Valley to West Los Angeles, California.
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What does boulevard mean?

A wide street, often with a grassy verge separating the lanes. Sometimes the word "boulevard" is applied to the verge as opposed to the street.
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Boulevard in a sentence?

'The boulavard was full of cars, meaning that we could not park here.' Because the word boulavard is like a street, a crescent, road or just another word for a street.
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Is Boulevard of photographers a safe website?

No! It's just another Money Making Photography Scam. You may be one of the lucky ones to get your book, however your $69 purchase will be your picture simply glued to the firs (MORE)
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What is the difference of an avenue a boulevard and a street?

An Avenue is normally a business street that is anywhere from two to four lanes and it is usually named after a significant person or event or place. A boulevard is a much lar (MORE)
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On Westminster Boulevard?

On Westminster Boulevard there is a bridge, a beautiful bridge to see. And under that bridge, that beautiful bridge, is the beautiful Dry Creek Trail. To see the beautiful bri (MORE)
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What is a boulevard cruiser?

It's made by Suzuki. Available with several engine choices and 3 styling models including C, M, or S.
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What is the antonym of boulevard?

nouns usually do not have antonyms.. A path is small and narrow while a boulevard is wide..