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What is the symbolism of catching the wedding bouquet?

This custom dates back to 14th Century Western Europe. The maiden (single woman) who lands the bride's bouquet is catching a "bit of the bride's luck" and becomes the next can (MORE)
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How to make brides maid bouquets?

When you make a brides maid bouqet, youwill follow the same steps  as making the brides bouqet, only with less flowers. You will need  flowers, scissors, green tape, two str (MORE)

What is a mass bouquet?

A Mass Bouquet is like a present of prayer. I have received one before for example when i have passed my exams or have been setting of on my travels abroad. its like someone p (MORE)

What is bouquet flower arrangement?

It' a floral arrangement that is carried in your hands. Such as one a bride carries and throws at her wedding or the smaller ones carried by her bridesmaids or maid of honor. (MORE)

Why do brides carry bouquets of flowers?

Brides carry bouqets of flowers on their wedding days because in the medieval period when many thought it was unhealthy to bathe , they would smell rather bad, so instead of b (MORE)