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What are thr major ingredients in bourbon?

Depending on the brand of whiskey, the main ingredient could be corn, or it could be barley.
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Does bourbon have gluten?

Part of the recipe for bourbon can include wheat, barely and rye. Bourbon is distilled and those grains are no longer present. Adding confusion to the process, the National (MORE)
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Is bourbon only made in Kentucky?

No. There are several bourbon distilleries outside Kentucky - including two in central Texas, Garrison Brothers and Ranger Creek. This being said, no product made outside the (MORE)
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Can whiskey be used as a substitute for bourbon?

It depends. Bourbon is a subset of whiskey. Other whiskeys include Tennessee, Scotch, Canadian, and Rye. Using Scotch or Canadian whiskey in place of bourbon would not be (MORE)

Who was the last ruler of Bourbon dynasty?

The last real king of the Bourbon dynasty was Louis XVI. After him, his two brothers and a nephew also became King of France (after Napoleon and during the Bourbon restoratio (MORE)

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How old is Elisabeth of Bourbon?

Elisabeth of Bourbon was born on November 22, 1602 and died on October 6, 1644. Elisabeth of Bourbon would have been 41 years old at the time of death or 412 years old today.
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Why were the restored bourbons short lived?

The restored bourbons were rulers who were brought back to power in France by the great powers of Vienna after the down fall of Napoleon1.this idea of restoring the legitimate (MORE)