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What is a bovine?

A bovine is another word for domesticated cattle of the species Bos primigenius , subspecies taurus (European/British-type cattle) and B. indicus (tropical/desert-type cattl (MORE)

What is bovine stupidity?

"Bovine" means ox or cow. Bovine stupidity is, therefore, worse than mere human stupidity; it is stupid as an ox or cow is stupid. A comparable expression is "dumb as an ox.". (MORE)

What is a bovine proctologist?

I believe, "Bovine" tend to be large ungulates (Hooved animals) including Domestic cattle etc, and a "Proctologist" is a doctor who specialises in diseases of the anus and/or (MORE)

What does bovine mean?

The vocab word bovine means having the quality of a cow or ox: sluggish, dull.. Despite the comedian's antics, the audience sat in bovine silence.. bovinity, n. Bovine is an (MORE)
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What is bovine kidneys?

Bovine kidneys are the kidneys (organs for filtering blood and subsequently generating urine) in cows or cattle.

What is bovine somotatrophin?

Bovine somotatrophin, or BST, is a hormone that naturally occurs in the bovine endocrine system. Synthesized BST that is injected into cows increase their appetite, thus allow (MORE)

Are cows bovines?

Yes, bovine is the more scientific name for a cow. Technically, a cow is a female bovine, although in common American English the word "cow" is often used in reference to male (MORE)
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Is camel a bovine?

No, Camels belong to the Genus Camelus. Bovin e animals belong to the subfamily Bovinae, and include domestic cattle, bison, buffalo and yaks.

Is a goat a bovine?

Although both goats and cows belong to the family Bovidae , 'bovine' usually only refers to cows. The term 'bovine' comes from the name of the subfamily ( Bovinae ) to which (MORE)

Where is the origin of bovines?

Do you know that a bovine is a cow? If you do, which cow? There are plenty. If you specify the question, I'd gladly answer it for you. And to fix any further confusion, the ma (MORE)