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What are bowels?

Your bowels are your intestines. That is where food is absorbed into the body. The rest of what is left over is excreted at the very end of the large intestine as waste in the (MORE)

Why do you have a large bowel and a small bowel?

  From what I've been taught at school, the small bowel (small intestine) extracts nutrients from the food. At this stage the contents still contain a large amount of wate (MORE)

What are your bowels?

Bowels area 227,567 feet long cubic tubes contain your crap. This generally comes out the mouth, and ears. But occasionally it comes out your anus. Which can be used for sex. (MORE)

What is a Bowel Rupture?

A bowel rupture is when part of the intestinal wall breaks usually either through trauma, such as a car accident, or disease which may cause the bowel to distend to breaking p (MORE)